How to Know If You Are Intuitive.

Intuition is the voice of the heart that speaks to us. Everyone is intuitive to a certain degree, but some are not aware of it, or simply don’t know that it’s their intuition speaking. The voice of “reason”, which we link with the brain is the one that does the math, calculations and probabilities for the future, from the past experiences. Intuition never does that, it just comes as ideas, from an unknown place inside us. Intuition never tells you the reason behind these ideas or what waits for you in the future, is all about the now. The thing is that not all people have the courage to live in the now and listen to the voice of intuition. But here is how you know you are intuitive and how to listen to your intuition.

Ideas Come from Intuition

Whenever you have a random idea, it’s your intuition speaking. This is the first sign that you are intuitive. If that idea, while it may not make sense on the spot, gives you a sort of excitement and just feels like something that you would do, do it. It’s your intuition guiding you to your highest good.


You know you’re intuitive when you see a lot of synchronicities in your life. For instance, thinking about someone and all of a sudden getting a call from that person. Or just walking on the street and feeling like having an ice cream right now and an ice cream stand is just around the corner. Déjà vu’s are also included here. The more you experience synchronicities in your life, the more in tune you are with your intuition.


Last but not least: signs. Coins, feathers, flashes or flickers of light right at the corner of your sight, ringing in the ear, and even number patterns. These are all signs that you are where you’re supposed to be right here and now.

Our intuition talks to us all the time. We’re born to be intuitive and follow our intuition. Lack of faith, fear of the future and self-doubt are the things that make the voice of intuition so faint, that we can barely hear. Follow your ideas, focus on this moment right here and know you are in safe hands, no matter where you are in life. Intuition is within you.

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