Intuitive Counseling

Let’s do What’s Natural

As a Intuitive Counselor , I cannot legally prescribe medications, but that is not to say I am limited in alternative medical legal ways to helping clients improve their mental state. By enlisting natural herbal remedies, I am able to help my clients reduce anxiety, treat insomnia, depression, calm nerves and promote a sense of well-being.

A Wholistic Approach

Using herbal medicine in personal development coaching allows me to me take a wholistic approach to helping my clients. This means working with mind body and soul. For example, a good night’s rest assisted by an herbal tea can promote a good mental attitude throughout the day. Just as using a natural remedy to treat depression can be beneficial when setting weekly goals.

The Right Puzzle Piece

Herbal medicines are not the end to my tools in helping clients be their best versions of themselves. A quick scan of my bio below will reveal a strong belief in alternative practices in my approach to personal development coaching. Although my training, certifications and specializations are varied, my experience has found that my expertise in all of them helpful at one time or another in helping people be their best.

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