Gong Gong Gone!

I attended a Gong Sound Immersion at Southwest Atlanta Yoga in Atlanta, GA. facilitated by M. Roxanne Lowery of Infinity Flow. Its hard to express spiritual experiences without being redundant. There are only so many times you can use words, like amazing, deep or inspiring. So I’ll just walk you through the experience without the glorification.

Southwest Atlanta Yoga is a small studio space on the (you guessed it), on the southwest side of Atlanta, GA. I’ve always feel mixed energy in the space which I think is due to the different activities that take place in the location. You would expect some harmony between the energies but it feels more like competition between the forces that have inhabited the space

I got there early to stake out my space, again that competition energy at play. The place filled up quickly with about twenty people, everyone setting up their nesting materials and getting comfortable. After a short introduction and explanation of allowing the sound to guide you, Roxanne began the session and then it was over.

Understand this was an hour and fifteen minute gong sound immersion session. I settled in and listen to the chiming of the gongs and although I remained aware, time evaporated. It seems minutes passed when I hear the harsh chime of a symbol calling me back to waking awareness.

To me the elapse of time, speaks to the deep meditation or immersive state I entered. I heard the sounds of people moving about in the studio, someone coughed, the sounds of the urban neighborhood where Southwest Atlanta yoga is located, but my awareness gone. I was empty of me. Someone afterward called it cellular meditation. It was a very unique experience and one I look forward to having again.

April 25, 2019