The Virtues Of Empathy

Empathy is one of the best wonders of spirituality. When you tend to associate genuinely with the people in their misery or grief that emphatic truth oozing out from the bottom of your heart will definitely soothe up their mind, body, and soul. It is believed that we all are interrelated to each other. The grief-stricken individual is able to perceive the honesty of the person who empathize with them in their moment of sadness. As the person who empathizes will go out of his comfort zone and will try his level best to provide some kind of solace to the unhappy being. For that moment he will forget his identity and merge with the latter one. This act will send out the message of ‘oneness’ to the entire cosmos which will be quite loud and clear.

A Spiritual Start.

Sometimes the person who is empathizing is not able to assimilate with the suffering person at a physical or mental level but even if he tries his best to empathize with him at a spiritual level he will gain as it will give an advantage both to the person who is empathizing and who is being empathized. Both of them will progress on the path of spirituality.

Empathy brings change within our emotional behavior which is very good for us. When you empathize you create positive vibes as you are able to immerse yourself in others sorrow and also find different ways and means to overcome them. You try to find the connect either through communications or telepathically with the aggrieved individual. The moment that human perceives your kindness and care he too cultivates peace of mind within himself. By doing this we will form a better world where all human beings can live happily and no one will suffer.

Empathy, The Path to Enlightenment

Empathy boosts our self-confidence. As sadness give rise to fear and anxiety which gives way to anger and violence. Empathy reduces fear as it encompasses the well-being of others. It develops trust and gives way to large or warm-bigheartedness. It reasons out all the probabilities in a realistic manner as it gives way to a calm mind. In today’s age, it is important to inculcate it as an inner value in almost each and every human being. This should be developed and encouraged in each of us from the tender age itself. Love, peace, and empathy are the factors which are essential for survival.  When we live in peace free from the danger or if someone provides empathy to us or to others. Giving and seeking empathy will become our mental attitude and will help us to overcome the bitter challenges of life. When we will think about the welfare of everyone around us we will give rise to a world where every individual is going to live as one big happy family. So empathize with those who are in need and gain the virtue of calmness and warm and virtuousness.

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