Twin Flames or Soul Mates. How to know the difference

There’s been a lot of talk in the spiritual community about soul mates and twin flames. Yes, they both describe two types of romantic or non-romantic relationships, but what is the difference between the two? So to tell you have to know which is which requires a little explanation on knowing what are they.

Soul Mates, What Are They?

There is the soul, and there is the over soul. The over soul is like a collection of souls, quite a large number. We are all part of an over soul shares with others. We know this because there are people we connect with instantly and effortlessly and others who we can pass by on the street and not even see. Soul mates basically are your “over soul peers” who share very many similarities with you. Your relationship is quite effortless, you don’t have much friction between you, you accept and love each other as you are. People can be soul mates, even animals can be soul mates. The soul mate relationship usually makes you feel included in the world, better about yourself, somehow as if you fit in. Like there’s another being that totally gets you. The good thing about it is that you can have soul mates throughout your life, which makes life quite magical and amazing.

Twin Flame Relationships

With twin flames it’s a different story. They are so much like you, and yet they are so different and hard to understand sometimes. Twin flame relationships are quite rare, and not everyone gets to experience them and the reason is that, they are the other spectrum of you. So, for instance, if you are a mainly feminine energy, your twin flame is your masculine counterpart. Almost like yin-yang. Moreover, they mirror you exactly. This is the best part of this relationship and the worst at the same time. Most people are not ready to have such a person in their life that constantly points out everything they do bad and good, mostly bad. We’re afraid to go inside of ourselves and see what’s in there. Twin flames provoke you and challenge you to go beyond your fears, expand, stretch, evolve and be the best you can be. And while the destination may sound sweet, the road is as bumpy as it gets.

You’ll know you’ve met you twin flame where there’s a lot of synchronicity and static energy between you two. Unusual light bulbs flickering or a sudden ringing in the ears is also common around your twin flame.

How to Know the Difference

  • Soul mates make you feel totally integrated and accepted as you are; twin flames will make you angry in ways no one ever has because they are your exact mirror;
  • Soul mates are very similar in terms of ideas, hobbies or preferences; twin flames are your opposite, but share the same core values

The purpose of a soul mate relationship is to make you feel loved as you are; the purpose of a twin flame relationship is not about finding love, but to serve a higher purpose, to help raise the planet’s consciousness with the help of your energies merging together;

  • Soul mates may be very physically attractive; twin flames have a rather energetic attraction (physical attraction is not as important) – it’s great energy exchange between you the two
  • A soul mate relationship will feel and look pretty normal and sweet; a twin flame relationship is oftentimes does not conforming to societal norms (for instance big age gap, unusual passions or lifestyles etc.)


All relationships are great teachers, that show you who you think you are now, and opportunities for you to choose whom you want to become. Their purpose is to help you create yourself for who you want to be. No matter if you’ve found your soul mate/s or your twin flame or not, every relationship that you have right now is gold. Cherish them all!

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